Care for Fall Eye Allergies

An estimated 60 million Americans are affected by seasonal allergies every year, with the most symptoms occurring in spring and fall.

Fall eye allergies occur due to pollen and spores released by plants at the end of the season. When these allergens enter the body they trigger an allergic response that releases histamine, which in turn causes the red, itchy, watery eyes associated with fall allergies.

A few lifestyle adjustments can help mitigate the symptoms of fall eye allergies. Since most pollen-producing plants release the bulk of their pollen in the early morning, limiting outdoor activity before noon can be helpful. It’s also a good idea to promptly shower after you have been outdoors, to wash away pollen and spores on your skin.

Over the counter treatments can also help alleviate the symptoms of eye allergies. Artificial tears can help to rinse allergens out of the eyes and eye drops that contain antihistamines or decongestants can reduce swelling and minimize inflammation and itching.

If you aren’t having success with lifestyle adjustments or over the counter treatments, schedule an appointment at Sexton Vision Group – our doctors can help find an effective treatment solution to manage your symptoms.


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