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At Sexton Vision Group we provide the best in vision care, personalized for the individual needs of each patient. Offering locations in Puyallup, Spokane, Spokane Valley and Tacoma, our doctors are available for appointments seven days a week and we provide all services within the scope of optometry.

We look forward to caring for you.


  • Bradford Steiner Avatar
    Bradford Steiner

    Dr. Bailey was excellent! She very clearly knows her field and was excellent at explaining and answering all of my questions. At other offices in the past I have been frustrated by the eyeglasses examination often feeling rushed and expected to quickly answer questions of “picture 1 vs. picture 2” That was not the case with Dr. Bailey. She gave me the impression that she, as much as I, really wanted me to get my comparisons right for the very best and accurate eyeglasses prescription. She was patient, knowledgeable, understanding, and very professional.

    janice duvall Avatar
    janice duvall

    Excellent service, fast, efficient, thorough and very friendly. Dr. show the pictures of the eyes, talks about what he sees, and reassures me that all is well. I love the time spent explaining things and comparing past and present pictures. No waiting at all. Excellent experience.

    Jenni Sargent Avatar
    Jenni Sargent

    Dr. Kim is wonderful! My whole family went together for our eye appointments. She thoroughly explained everything and listened to all of us about our concerns. Also, the staff at Lens Crafters were very patient and helpful too.

  • Philay Demian Avatar
    Philay Demian

    I had my appointment on July 16, 2021 at 11:40am in Tacoma. As soon as I walked in I was greeted and directed to the front desk. Miss Porsha checked me in and did some eye exam and had me ready for Dr Kim. Dr Kim was so sweet and very knowledgeable about her work. She make you feel so comfortable and always ask if we have any questions or concerns. Also Jasmine who works with you on ordering glasses and contacts lenses side were also awesome. She takes her time with looking through the glasses. The whole office staff was very professional and nice. My overall experience was excellent. I will recommend them to all my friends.

    Sonia Cabrera Avatar
    Sonia Cabrera

    The services that were provided to me were effective and efficient from start to finish. As soon as the medical assistant walked out of the room, the provider walked right in and was ready to see me. The contacts prescribed did alleviate the redness and dryness that I was experiencing with the old contacts I wore from another clinic. Although, the newly prescribed contacts were a bit expensive but I love how low maintenance they are. I would put them in and then dispose at the end of the day. Their eyeglasses were pretty cute and at a decent price, I’d say.

    Christine Brown Avatar
    Christine Brown

    Appointment on the same day that I called. Courtney was so knowledgeable about what was covered under my insurance (which was EVERYTHING). Alicia was wonderful with initial exam. Dr. Woolf was so informative and introduced me to “dailies” that I could throw away every day because I have such severe allergies. These lenses also save me tons of money on cleaning solutions. He also gave me more specific information on my cataracts. They then gave me a 10-day supply of trial contact lenses to ensure a proper fit and prescription before I order a one-year supply. I could not be happier.

  • Frankly Speaking Avatar
    Frankly Speaking

    I was pleased with most everything at the office with the exception of being told b that my glasses will take 2 weeks. I responded to the normal ads of Lenscrafters with same day service, even though I wasn't needing them for a couple days. Maybe I read the internet ads wrong. I was told the the corporate office didn't think having an on-site lab was worth it. That's a shame. If I wanted to wait 2 weeks I would have stayed in Post Falls.

    Joanne Spencer Avatar
    Joanne Spencer

    I saw Dr. Auyoung for a vision exam and new contacts. He was very thorough and was very nice, friendly and easy to work with. Now that I gave gotten my new contacts I can see so much clearer and I couldn't be happier!
    He even showed me the imagery of my eyes which showed the health of my eyes which was very interesting. Thanks so much!

    Alannah Gould Avatar
    Alannah Gould

    Been here multiple times now, and other than the extremely sweet, direct and professional lady who walked me through the initial tests, I've seen 2 different optometrists and they were both kind and helpful as well. Love this place and how quick the appointment went, but still had all my questions answered and needs met. Will recommend a thousand times over.

  • Nathan Vargas Avatar
    Nathan Vargas

    Both departments of glasses and contacts are very professional. A little on the pricey side with the products but they have other benefits that other places don't have. For example, unlimited frame and lens replacements for have the price than other places whom only replace in a one time deal. Do you research and you will love these guys.

    margarita bejarano Avatar
    margarita bejarano

    Dr. Auyoung was fantastic. My experience with contacts hasn't always been the greatest. My eyes dry out a lot and due to my astigmatism my options left me limited. I only use them sporadically. He fitted me a new brand and tried out a few before getting them just right. I'm impressed! I've worn glasses for 30 years so this isn't my first rodeo. I can't wait for my new glasses to come in!

    Dezi Bebee Avatar
    Dezi Bebee

    Great customer service! The Doctor was amazing and she made me feel so comfortable and taken care of!

  • Neva Cheeks Avatar
    Neva Cheeks

    Friendly staff. They were efficient and I didn't have to wait around a long time or deal with chaos. I liked that a lot. Everything was clean, staff were masked. I like their equipment was up to date and they didn't have to touch my face or anything.

    Jamie Surber Avatar
    Jamie Surber

    I brought my 4 year old for her second eye exam. The entire staff was wonderful. They addressed her and not just me, which made her feel important. We had a bit of a wait as things were running behind, but my daughter had fun trying on all the pink frames she could find to fill the time.

    Les Willey Avatar
    Les Willey

    My appointment on May10, 2021 was my best ever experience all because of the staff and Dr Darnell at the North Town Mall location in Spokane. I was put at ease by her joyful personality, sense of humor, and easy professionalism. Thanks for the relaxed experience. I’ll be back.

  • Markell Charles Avatar
    Markell Charles

    For my first visit to the office, the staff was very friendly and helpful. Everyone was following covid guidelines and the workspace was clean and professional. The staff was very helpful with answering any questions I had. Upfront cost and fees were available to me and the staff was great at helping me get my eye exam and picking out frames. Had great and welcoming conversations with everyone. Definitely recommend if you need an eye exam or a new pair of glasses.

    Desiree Paul Avatar
    Desiree Paul

    I felt that the staff was very helpful very pleasant. It was my 14 year old daughter's first eye exam appointment so she was pretty nervous and pretty scared and they made her feel comfortable and Addie's. Very very good staff clean office. A little expensive but Overall fantastic experience.

    Tina Adair Avatar
    Tina Adair

    A totally positive experience. The doctor and staff were all highly personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I felt like a valued customer throughout my entire visit. Definitely a good choice!

  • Ron Neufeld Avatar
    Ron Neufeld

    Service far exceeded expectations. Very kind people. Holly was efficient and funny - a joy to do business with. Dr. Sexton was fantastic with communication! He explained every aspect on which we touched. Felt totally at ease with him. Absolutely grateful to have such a skilled doctor work on me! Nicole has an eye for what fits a person’s face and saved a lot of time by picking out frames that had a chance to work. The gentleman who was working with the tools, was able to re-attach the stem on the spot.
    Friendly, competent, good-at-their-core people who provided an amazing experience! So happy I went there. I found a gem! Thank you team!

    Wes Taylor Avatar
    Wes Taylor

    I really feel comfortable here! Everyone is so kind.
    Dr. Common got me dialed in and I feel so comfortable wit h my vision when I leave there!

    The ability to buy glasses right after an exam is a nice feature too! I was very happy with my eye exam here. I tried another place and had to pay out of pocket because my insurance covered the other exam! This was definitely worth it!

    Jessica’s Journey Avatar
    Jessica’s Journey

    The staff was absolutely amazing at the Tacoma Mall location. I went in to get contacts for the first time, no more foggy glasses!! Everyone was so friendly. I was a little nervous being 46 and first time for contacts. I have some small challenges with my sight and eyeballs and didn’t know if contacts where even an option. They were an option and wow what an amazing difference. I can’t recommend this place or give them enough stars. They were so patient with learning to put them in and take them out. Even with my frustration, they were so reassuring and really sweet. I hope everyone gives these guys a try. You will fall in love with all of the staff.

  • Too Triggered For Public Avatar
    Too Triggered For Public

    Had to get my sons prescription updated. The doctor was super patient with my kiddo and his new glasses were ready to pick up in less than an hour. The manager helped us and was so kind. The service here couldn’t be better. Highly recommend. And my son loves his new glasses. He says everything is in 4K now lol

    Audrey Cunningham Avatar
    Audrey Cunningham

    Everything was easy! The young man who greeted me and checked me in at the front desk, and the young lady who took my retinal pictures, were welcoming and kind. My exam with Dr. Kim was thorough and informative. She is very personable, knowledgeable and patient (I asked a lot of questions)!

    Choosing new frames was an absolute joy! Alan made it easy. He actually remembered me from the last time I was there. He already knew what I liked so he narrowed it down and I chose my PERFECT frames! I would be remiss if I left out the lady who works with Alan ( so sorry I didn't get her name!!). She gave me her perspective on which frames looked best on me and why. I valued her and Alan's input!! How awesome is that? I can't wait to go again. I've found my vision care HOME!

    Lisa Freeman Avatar
    Lisa Freeman

    Wonderful Doctor and Staff. Great care and attention. Friendly, knowledgeable, great understanding of insurance. Front desk staff delightful. Tech was patient and kind. My appt was running 25 min late. Perhaps a text would be good to let patients know there is a wait. I will definitely go again.

  • Jeanniebean Toliver Avatar
    Jeanniebean Toliver

    I was very nervous taking my 4 year old in to get her vision checked, not knowing how can it actually be checked? They did a fantastic job! I feel so much better knowing she will be able to see better now. Just in time for learning to read.



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