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At Sexton Vision Group we provide the best in vision care, personalized for the individual needs of each patient. Offering locations in Puyallup, Tacoma, Olympia, Redmond, Spokane, and Spokane Valley, our doctors are available for appointments seven days a week and we provide all services within the scope of optometry.

We look forward to caring for you.



    The staff was wonderful and very attentive. Best experience I’ve ever had.

    Ron Childs Avatar
    Ron Childs

    All the techs are very friendly,smart and helpful. The doctors are the best I have had in 80 years. I am thankful for them and I will continue to come back every year!

    Cybil Loberg Avatar
    Cybil Loberg

    Made the appointment online quick and easy I was a new patient so I was able to do my new patient forms online as well before my appointment was so nice. The front desk ladies were supper friendly and welcoming, the appointment was quick and easy!

  • Krazy Krizz Avatar
    Krazy Krizz

    I am a over satisfied customer. The eye doctor I had she was amazing. She took care of me. Thank you guys a million with my vision.

    Bastos Reviewer Avatar
    Bastos Reviewer

    Very quick with a comprehensive eye exam. Doctor was very informative and answered all questions. Staff are all welcoming.

    Steve Williams Avatar
    Steve Williams

    I'm always very nervous when I have to go a doctor, any doctor. But everyone there, especially my doctor, made my visit very easy, and informative. Thank you all.

  • Tatyana Bamesberger Avatar
    Tatyana Bamesberger

    I was running late to my appointment, but I was within the 10 minute grace period and was still seen. Dr. Auyoung was very friendly, thorough, and informative! Cassandra assisted me with ordering my new frames and was a pleasure to work with!

    Karin Mayers Avatar
    Karin Mayers

    The doctor was thorough and all around amazing. She listened and had the knowledge to help me with my overly watering eyes!

    Jamie Joseph Avatar
    Jamie Joseph

    Never needed glasses in my life until now. I have a hard time reading up close and the glasses I received from them weren’t quite right. I went back in and Brian and Phil spent a lot of time with me, about an hour and a half, until they figured out the problem. I have a new pair coming to me soon. Thank you guys for your exceptional customer service.

  • Cheryl Houle Avatar
    Cheryl Houle

    The people who work here are all so nice and do a great job. One of the times I was in there, a guy came in who was being a karen to them and they remain so calm and collected, their customer service was really impeccable. I think they handled it well. My husband got his new prescription within 30 minutes, and his new glasses within 4 days. We were really impressed. The eye exams were easy and they don't dilate your eyes, they use the newest technology and it gives them images of your eyes, which they show you in your exam.

    Janet Steencken Avatar
    Janet Steencken

    Everyone was was respectful, efficient and helpful. The person helping with new frames for my glasses was especially helpful and went out of her way to find the best fit and price for frames without nickel due to my allergy to them.

    Mildred baker Avatar
    Mildred baker

    Friendly staff, all very professional and helpful. Each person treated as a person not just a face. I would recommend your office in future. Thank you.

  • Chioni Ramsey Avatar
    Chioni Ramsey

    It was fine. No one had name tags or any way to identify them so I can't say who was who, but the person sitting at the desk was really friendly and polite. The person who took my images was cold and mechanical and could work on their people skills. It might help if they had name tags or told us their name to be more personable.

    Sarah Simon Avatar
    Sarah Simon

    Had a great experience every one was very helpful. I had three eye appointments (One for me and one for each of my boys) and three pairs of glasses to get. My youngest son is very energetic and they were very patient with him, they gave him a coloring book and crayons which was great because then he just sat content while I tried on glasses after his had been picked out.

    Patricia Hartman Avatar
    Patricia Hartman

    I have esed this group for several years 2015 to present. I stopped using them because they didn,t us my insurance. since I change my insurance I can use you again
    Ok keep up the good things. sorry You don,t use tri care for life

  • Sidronio Rangel Avatar
    Sidronio Rangel

    Sam was super friendly and approachable. As soon as I walked in he immediately came to my help. He knew exactly what I needed and helped me out. I highly recommend!

    Gina Brook Avatar
    Gina Brook

    Everyone was extremely friendly! Exam was quick and doctor made sure all my questions were answered. I left extremely pleased with my experience. Highly recommend!

    Stacy Liskey Avatar
    Stacy Liskey

    My visit was quick and pleasant. All of the processes were clearly explained to me, the staff was so nice and helpful. Highly recommend.

  • Deanna Strickland Avatar
    Deanna Strickland

    The sales person that helped me was super cool! She really helped me pick out nice frames without being overly pushy or all up in your face and I appreciated that so very much!!! Everyone there is super nice and extra helpful!!!

    L J Avatar
    L J

    I’ve been wearing corrective lenses since I was in the 2nd grade, and in all of that time since, I’ve never met an eye doctor as thorough and knowledgeable as Dr. Bhangu!

    She really worked with me and took great care to ensure I got my precise prescription, showed me imaging of my eyes, shared all options for contact lenses, informed me of conditions I could be at risk of developing and let me know what I could do to be taking even better care of my eyes without any judgement or condescension. I got the sense that she truly has a passion for her work & dedication to her patients.

    Lynne Bromley Avatar
    Lynne Bromley

    From the nice young man that checked me in - to the Doctor herself and your Store Market Manager Alicia and her trainee - I could not have had a better experience! Everyone was so helpful and kind and the ladies helped me to pick out my new glasses which I truly appreciated their honest input. Definitely recommending this place to my family and friends!
    Ramona Lynne Bromley

  • Kiki Lo Avatar
    Kiki Lo

    Quick, gentle, and friendly. Everything you want at an eye doc office. The sales staff were very patient and honest when picking out frames (which is hard to find). I’m a very indecisive person so it was really helpful to have someone tell me what genuinely looks good on my face shape and what does not.

    rebecca bender Avatar
    rebecca bender

    All of the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Usually I hate the process of eye exams and choosing new glasses. Elise was so helpful and very patient. She was able to crunch numbers and help me stay in budget.

    Barbara Bentley Avatar
    Barbara Bentley

    Professional, helpful doctor who answered my questions. Good choice of glasses and the person helping me choose frames was very helpful. Easy to get an appointment. Lenscrafters glasses are the best in fit and prescription, I wouldn't go anywhere else

  • Bob West Avatar
    Bob West

    Your practitioners are extremely skilled. Your equipment has data the art. Most of all I was impressed with the young man and young lady out in front every reception they were extremely helpful in all of the stuff I was trying to get accomplished.

    Tammy Chestnut Avatar
    Tammy Chestnut

    It was just wonderful. From the time I walked through the door. I was greeted by a friendly young man who checked me in. The young lady that did my test was friendly as well. Dr. Jasmeen Bhangu, is simply awesome. Since I’ve been coming here my experience with her has been the most positive.

    Rhonda Johnson Avatar
    Rhonda Johnson

    I had trouble getting the proper prescription with another optician in town. I'm 50 years old, have been wearing glasses for 41 years, and was told my eyes made a 50% improvement. Baloney. One visit to Sexton I had reading and distant vision. My Doc was amazing. Thank you.

  • KAREN GARD Avatar

    Dr. Kim is an excellent optometrist. She takes time to explain everything and does a through exam. She listens very well to the patient’s concerns.

    Joyce Hayes Avatar
    Joyce Hayes

    Everyone was very welcoming! This was our first visit to Sexton Vision! The young lady that helped us ring up our glasses was very understanding about how we needed done discounts for our glasses !! She worked with us and got us to a manageable cost ! We REALLY appreciated her time and knowledge! Thank you !!!

    Christopher Carlson Avatar
    Christopher Carlson

    Very quick, efficient service. The doctor was genial and forward thinking. Pleasant staff at the front desk and the nurse who assisted with imaging was nice too.

  • Jill Young Avatar
    Jill Young

    I tagged along to my husband's appointment so I could run an errand at the mall. Once we got there I was like dang I should've booked an appointment also and it just so happened that they were able to take me in. One of the easiest experiences I've had at the eye doctor. The front desk girls were friendly and helpful and the doctor made himself available to answer questions. It was just a great overall experience.

    Anna B Avatar
    Anna B

    Everyone at this location is always very knowledgeable, kind, and attentive. Also, very fun, as one associate had me try on a bunch of glasses just for the heck of it, even though they were well outside my budget. It was a nice change from other eye glasses places I had been to in the past. Chelsea, especially, was very fun to work with and helpful. Overall, excellent experience and a very knowledgeable staff.

    Eleanor “Elee” Webster-Hutton Avatar
    Eleanor “Elee” Webster-Hutton

    Very friendly staff, the Dr was very informative, knowledgeable and also very friendly. State of the art equipment. I will definetly return for my next exam. Thanks Sexton Vision Group!!

  • Jessica Wesley Avatar
    Jessica Wesley

    My daughter came in on Friday, yes I’m doing this for her even though she’s a grown adult.
    She couldn’t stop talking about how much she liked the doctor!
    10/10 recommend for others

    Catherine Melland Avatar
    Catherine Melland

    The store employees were great and helpful. Rocky was very helpful with the purchase of my new pair of glasses. The store has a great selection of frames.

    Tammy Frost Avatar
    Tammy Frost

    Every staff member was absolutely delightful as well as professional. Dr Hamm was fantastic and answered several questions I had. Picking out a new pair of glasses took me a long time - and Rocky was very patient with me, as well as very helpful. They all were in a great mood and made me feel comfortable and valued.

  • Melanie Forster Avatar
    Melanie Forster

    It had been a very long time since my last eye exam and I had concerns about my aging eyes. The optometrist patiently answered my questions and was very reassuring. I’m looking forward to trying progressive lenses for the first time with my new prescription. The person who performed the retina scan and glaucoma test was also super friendly and efficient.

    Kim Mcgiveran Avatar
    Kim Mcgiveran

    Awesome friendly staff. Courtney at the front desk has been there for years and always is a pleasure to work with. They have wide variety of contact brands to choose from. I wouldnt go anywhere else!

    Margaret Ieng Avatar
    Margaret Ieng

    Dr. Erick Auyoung and all his staffs are excellent. I don’t have to wait hours and hours. They treated me as their loyal patient. The Lens Crafter workers are great too, they all work fast too and treated me as their loyal customer to help me pick my eye glass and sun glass. I’m very happy with them.
    Margaret D. I.

  • Leah M Avatar
    Leah M

    Dr. Bailey was amazing. I have anxiety about vision exams and she was very patient and kind. Took her time and explained everything to me and didn't feel rushed out of there. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

    Samantha Danser-Dale Avatar
    Samantha Danser-Dale

    All staff members were very welcoming and friendly. Zander was really great, easy to talk to, and kind. I felt very comfortable and respected, which leads me to refer friends and family here.

    I am so thankful for the offices that do not force masks any longer. I refuse to go to any office still enforcing these ridiculous games. I will always take my business somewhere that respects me and my choices.

    Samantha Dale Avatar
    Samantha Dale

    All staff members were very welcoming and friendly. Zander was really great, easy to talk to, and kind. I felt very comfortable and respected, which leads me to refer friends and family here.

    I am so thankful for the offices that do not force masks any longer. I refuse to go to any office still enforcing these ridiculous games. I will always take my business somewhere that respects me and my choices.

  • Taylor Haven Avatar
    Taylor Haven

    This was the best experience I've ever had with an eye exam. Fantastic employees. There was some newer technology I was unfamiliar with, and the staff took time to explain each step in the exam and thoroughly review my results with me. The doctor spent time answering my questions, and I was in and out in about 45 minutes but never felt rushed at any point. I was also thrilled that I was able to leave my exam with a trial pair of contact lenses. As someone with terrible vision and astigmatism, I usually have to have trials ordered and come back in a few days to pick them up. To have the right brand and prescription on hand was such a pleasant surprise. Would highly recommend this office!

    Barbara Baltzell Avatar
    Barbara Baltzell

    Everyone at the clinic were kind, courteous and efficient. The Eye Doctor I saw was very efficient and was open to me asking questions and she gave concise and clear answers! I was very pleased!

    Jimmy Avatar

    I went to the wrong LensCrafters for my appointment by mistake, so going to the correct LensCrafters would have made me late, so I called and told them what I had done. Sexton Vision Group had no problem rescheduling my appointment on the same day and fitting me in! The eye exam was quick, through and they had the latest equipment making it an even better experience!
    Then the fun part was picking out my new glasses! The sales staff is fantastic, friendly and they have plenty of ideas of what I'm looking for in the latest styles in eyewear. Helping me pick out a pair of glasses, and she was patient and advised me what kind of glasses I needed. Knowing the size and style made it so much easier. I'm thrilled with my new glasses!

  • Rebecca Cook Avatar
    Rebecca Cook

    Best eye exam and health check I have ever had. Best technology in town by far! The staff is always the kindest and the doctors are helpful and understanding of my needs. Will keep coming back year after year. I will refer all my friends and family to Sexton Vision Group.

    Susan Schafer Avatar
    Susan Schafer

    The staff at the Sexton Vision Group is amazing! They worked their schedule around to give my niece instructions with contact use. They went above and beyond and were patient and kind. I highly recommend this clinic.

    Margaret Warner Avatar
    Margaret Warner

    I moved here from Mississippi and I was very nervous about going to a new eye doctor. This facility is fantastic. They are so friendly and the staff is very helpful. I love Dr. Kim. She made me feel at ease right away and explained every thing she was going to do. She even offered some suggestions to questions I had. I am so happy that she will be my new eye doctor.
    The staff in the optical side were just as nice and helpful. They helped me pick out frames that were for the shape of my face. I was so happy about that. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a new optician and a place to get new frames. I would give all of this 10 stars if I could.

  • Shelley G Avatar
    Shelley G

    Made my appointment since they take my insurance. Needed my eyes checked after over 2 years. God in barely had to wait to be seen. And really loved the office staff. Front desk gentleman was very friendly and outgoing. The eye doctor was awesome too. He was friendly explained everything that was going on with my eyes and explained how my glasses would work very well for my prescription.

    Rachel R Avatar
    Rachel R

    Dr Raychel Kim goes above and beyond to insure you have a great experience with your eye exam. She doesn't rush you out of the office. Any questions you have during or after the exam she will take her time to explain everything so you'll understand. She'll tell you the medical terminology but then explains it so you'll understand as well. I've seen her for the last two years and each time she has made my experience better each time.

    Wendy Oyler Avatar
    Wendy Oyler

    Very friendly staff, easy to make appointments on-line or by phone. Second time we’ve seen this doctor and we really like him. Love that they do the images of the eye rather than dilation.

  • Katherine Shedd Avatar
    Katherine Shedd

    Sexton Vision Group/ Tacoma's staff, every single one of them were professional, personable,
    polite and good at what they do.
    I felt like I was in very competent hands, from start to finish.
    I was very impressed with my visit and will not hesitate to return for any further vision concerns.
    Whoever is responsible for the hiring of the staff is to be complimented. They have a good sense of what quality personel is all about.

    Joanna Kasia Kaczor Avatar
    Joanna Kasia Kaczor

    Highly recommend. Very attentive and comprehensive eye exam, the eye ware section was far better than other stores. Customer service was fantastic (thank you Karen).

    Aubry Avatar

    I had an eye exam I'd been putting off for more than a few years. The whole team from the front of house to the assistant to the doctor were all top notch professionals. They answered all my questions and explained things clearly.

    I would recommend The Sexton Vision Group to anyone who has been putting off their eye care for too long or if you just need your yearly check up.

  • donna voelker Avatar
    donna voelker

    I had no appointment just walked in they saw me, and while I waited the lovely Elise put my lenses from a broken pair into a new frame and I was able to see until my newer pair come in. Even better was my new eye dr, he explained things to me that I have been asking about for 4 yrs. What a find, right in my own backyard!

    tiffini burton Avatar
    tiffini burton

    Excellent service. They explained everything in a way I can understand and made sure I was comfortable during testing. Will definitely keep coming to them for eye care.

    B Melhoff Avatar
    B Melhoff

    Dr. Bailey is very professional and knowledgeable. She takes adequate time to answer all my questions or to address issues. You will not be disappointed when relying on her as your optometrist. Support staff were great as well. My only slightly negative comment would be regarding the Lenscrafter sales people. They tend to push a little too aggressively and their glasses are high end which means very high pricing. They did respect my decision not to buy at this time and backed off. However, overall the experience was awesome.

  • Jessica Kashi Avatar
    Jessica Kashi

    Super friendly staff, great service! Would definitely recommend!

    Filecia Overlin Avatar
    Filecia Overlin

    I came in over an hour early. Totally my fault, however they got me in right away and were so very kind. The examination was thorough and efficient. The staff was very friendly. I highly recommend this establishment for eye exams.

    Rene Ockimey Avatar
    Rene Ockimey

    I had my eyes examined with your group several days ago. I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and with the personalized customer service. OD Raychel Kim was exceptional. She is charismatic and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain the process and answered my many questions. Great experience!



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