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At Sexton Vision Group we provide the best in vision care, personalized for the individual needs of each patient. Offering locations in Puyallup, Tacoma, Olympia, Spokane, and Spokane Valley, our doctors are available for appointments seven days a week and we provide all services within the scope of optometry.

We look forward to caring for you.


  • Sandra L Valenzuela Avatar
    Sandra L Valenzuela

    Tara is awesome! Great guest relations. Everyone there greeted and guided me. Genuine and sincere. Thank you all

    Danny Thorp II (Danny Thorp) Avatar
    Danny Thorp II (Danny Thorp)

    I lost my glasses on a recent vacation and had to get new ones. The ENTIRE team at SVG and Pearle Vision were to notch. The source was very clean, very inviting and relaxing. Dr. Kim was very sweet to the time to joke and just chat.


    Linda Matter Avatar
    Linda Matter

    The examination was thorough and exceeded my expectations. I left feeling that any concerns I had about my vision were explained in a manner that brought me comfort. A truly wonderful experience.

  • Mary Ann Carr Avatar
    Mary Ann Carr

    Gone to Dr Sexton for 3 years. He is attentive to details & provides the continuity of care I need. The facility has the most sophisticated equipment to collect data about one’s wholistic health.

    Leigh Fenneman Avatar
    Leigh Fenneman

    The technical support staff was efficient and performed the measuring in a friendly professional manner. Both the doctor and technical staff answered questions in a manner that promoted understanding. I definitely will continue to use this office for my vision needs and support.

    sarah murphy Avatar
    sarah murphy

    I went in for a routine eye exam and Dr. Darnell diagnosed me with a degenerative eye disease called kerotoconis. It is something I have had for years, and even with yearly eye exams, none of the optometrists I have seen diagnosed it. Unfortunately there is nothing to reverse the damage. She directed me to an eye surgeon who performed corneal cross linking for me. It stops the keratoconus from getting worse and rounds the eye, so glasses are more effective. The procedure was a success, and with new glasses, I will see better than I have in years! Because of Dr. Darnells knowledge and experience, I have her to thank for stopping me from going blind. Thanks for being amazing Dr. Darnell!!

  • Tom “Brosif” Melohn Avatar
    Tom “Brosif” Melohn

    The staff was knowledgeable and courteous during my eye exam. I appreciate the new equipment that eliminates having to dilate my pupils. Seamless experience! I will continue doing business with them!

    Dhiraj Masih-Theberge Avatar
    Dhiraj Masih-Theberge

    Dr. Kim was wonderful — she worked efficiently, patiently walked me through what was going on (in regard to the check up process as well as the overall health of my eyes), and her relaxed and friendly manner put me completely at ease. It had been a long while since I’d last had my vision checked but this experience turned out to be thorough yet short and sweet. Thank you!

    Roine LaSalle Avatar
    Roine LaSalle

    Friendly and helpful atmosphere. Really liked Courtney and Dr Darnell is great. She explains everything. I feel lucky to have found her.

  • Juan Aleman Avatar
    Juan Aleman

    I have been seen at Sexton Vision Group for several, most of which I've had the pleasure of having Dr. Bailey as my optometrist. The staff is always friendly and , actually, remember you visit after visit. I feel well taken care of and confident in the services that I receive. I would definitely recommend Sexton Vision Group!!

    Nathaniel Bonton Avatar
    Nathaniel Bonton

    Quick and efficient process from start to finish. The eye exam itself was great and the fastest I've had in 20 years. Because they use the imaging technology to take a picture of you eyes, dilation is not needed. The gentleman that helped me order my glasses and frame was very knowledgeable and was able to pull up my insurance, make calculations, and give me the price up front for what I wanted without any pressure. Great experience overall.

    Nicholas Doll Avatar
    Nicholas Doll

    Very clean. Staff was very helpful and pleasant during my first visit. Hours are great being open 7 days a week and late evenings. Happy they do contacts and glasses as I switch between the 2. Highly recommended!

  • Betsy Myers Avatar
    Betsy Myers

    The doctor was fabulous! He explained everything so well to my girls and even let my older see how my younger one (who needs glasses) sees. Definitely recommend Dr. Auyoung!

    Midori Cheesecake (Midori Cheesecake) Avatar
    Midori Cheesecake (Midori Cheesecake)

    First time ever getting an eye exam done. Everyone there was extremely helpful. Dr. Woolf was very nice and so was their staff who helped me. Picking frames out was a blast too! Many staffs were willing to help me when needed. Will be going here again!

    Deborah Rivera Avatar
    Deborah Rivera

    Dr. Kim was awesome, friendly, professional and thoroughly explained results of the exam, what that means and offered choices. My visit was well organized and smoothly run from start to finish. I would definitely recommend coming here for routine eye care/exams.

  • Dan S Avatar
    Dan S

    Very positive energy by the employee. Made the testing enjoyable. I will highly recommend Sexton Vision Group.

    Tina Adair Avatar
    Tina Adair

    Best optometrist visit ever! Dr. Darnell and staff were all very personable, knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I was treated like a valued customer by everyone. All my questions were answered, I learned a few new things about my vision and future options, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Highly recommended!

    C S Avatar
    C S

    The doctor was very kind to my daughter and explained everything related to her care very nicely. Would come back again for care and the staff while getting glasses did a great job as well. Thank you!

  • Lu Onmar Avatar
    Lu Onmar

    Staff was friendly. Doctor was quick but very thorough and had a great experience. The only thing I could say I disliked was that mid exam they had me pay for the exam before it was done. I've seen the optometrist since I was a kid and I have never been asked to do this. This was the first time I did not have insurance, but they did inform me of the cost and told them it wouldn't be a problem. It gave me vibes of be judged and thinking I wouldn't be able to pay for the exam. Still rated them 5 stars because I understand it's a business and after the pandemic things have been different and it might have been a precaution.

    Sandy Fagnant Avatar
    Sandy Fagnant

    Anna and Allison were very helpful in helping me find the glasses I would be confident wearing. From entering your store at the Northtown Mall until I walked out of the store I was treated well. I'm going to only have my optical needs taken care of there.

    Tonya Dean Avatar
    Tonya Dean

    It was a great experience as always The doctors funny engaging and polite. She's also very thorough. She answered all my questions and provided a solution to an additional problem I had with my eyes.

  • Tamara Nelson Avatar
    Tamara Nelson

    Dr. Sexton and his staff are conveniently located inside the Pearle Vision store by the Tacoma mall. They were all gracious and welcoming and took care of me quickly. The front office staff even researched if my vision insurance was still in place (I wasn't sure) so they could reduce my out of pocket expense. I had tried another optical office that I had used in the past, but they were scheduled out months from now. I was able to make this appointment at the time that I wanted rather than having to wait. Highly recommend this eye doctor and his office.

    miranda Nealnkpoo Avatar
    miranda Nealnkpoo

    The Doctor was so nice and welcoming. Loved her energy. Sent out to friends go see her she is breathe of fresh air.

    Michael Green Avatar
    Michael Green

    LensCrafters at Spokane valley is simply the best. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and really know their stuff. They had so many options to choose from and their technology and process help to create such a high end finished product. I will be going to lens crafters forever.

  • Emil Wunderle Avatar
    Emil Wunderle

    Exam started 5 minutes prior to my appointment time. Always a pleasant suprise. Had all tests done, saw my Optometrist, lenses and frames ordered and out the door in under a hour!

    jessica burt Avatar
    jessica burt

    The staff were all super friendly and helpful. The doctor listened to all my concerns and addressed them. Will definitely go again

    Nighthawk Knight Avatar
    Nighthawk Knight

    The manager Bryan, the techs Porsha and DeDe, and Dr. Kim were excellent!
    I highly recommend them to my family and friends and anyone else who wants superior professional care. They all know their jobs, explain everything to the patient so we know what they are doing and why they are doing it.
    Dr Kim is without a doubt one of the best doctors I’ve been to for a long time. If you want it done right and value your vision see this team!!!
    5 stars is an understatement, double that and it still wouldn’t be enough!
    Happy patient!!!

  • Jeremiah Wright Avatar
    Jeremiah Wright

    Easily one of the best customer service experiences I have had in this town. They were extremely busy but still managed to maintain 5 star customer service the entire time. I haven't received my glasses at the time of writing this, but the care they put in to getting accurate measurements and explaining everything gives me faith that they will be worth the money. Thank you so much, honestly a breath of fresh air.

    Jim MacInnis Avatar
    Jim MacInnis

    Great place. Helpful, friendly, professional staff and doctor. Strongly recommend it.

    Christina Grant Avatar
    Christina Grant

    I am very pleased with Sexton vision group. My family and I have been seeing them for 10 years now. Dr. Sexton diagnosed my youngest with Uveitis a few years ago and they keep a close eye on her. I recently had an emergency (scratched cornea). Called and left a message (as it was closing time in 10 min). They called me back right away to let me know they were closed but could get me in first thing the next morning. The whole office staff is always kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Sexton vision group.

  • Lindsay Stippel Avatar
    Lindsay Stippel

    I have worn glasses/contacts for 20+ years and can honestly say my interaction with everyone at Sexton Vision Group was probably one of the best experiences I have ever had going to the eye doctor. Each person took the time vs making me feel rushed from the moment I walked through the door. The Dr was very helpful on the best contact lenses for me and my needs vs trying to persuade me to get a more expensive daily use lense. He was also extremely patient as I asked multiple times to switch views to ensure I was choosing the clearest option. I appreciate experiences like this and look forward to going back next year.

    Mal Nelson Avatar
    Mal Nelson

    Dr Auyoung was very professional and shared his knowledge in a way the average person could understand what he was doing with the results that he was measuring ,and explaining other findings that the images showed. I really appreciate his time with me.
    This day and age, you don’t always get the personal side of people.
    Thank You 🙏

    Taytum Helgesen Avatar
    Taytum Helgesen

    I have been trying desperately to make an appointment with a location that accepts and bills through my insurance. I called this location and they were able to get me in that very same day! They were kind they were clean they were fast but thorough. I will finally get an updated prescription since 2017!? They also let me know because I am still nursing my vision will change again after I’m done due to the flex of hormones so to definitely make a follow up appointment-I had no idea! Definitely new favorite place!

  • Gordy Englert Avatar
    Gordy Englert

    My wife and I visited Kyle Sexton on 2-22-22. We went in after a very unpleasant experience with Cascade Eye in Puyallup. Immediately Diana was put at ease by Dr. Sexton's expertise and way of explaining things. He very quickly determined Diana's issue and what to do about it. Ever since Diana's experience at Cascade she has been in discomfort and didn't know what to do. Dr. Sexton explained the details of what she needed to do and she is now much more hopeful before we got there.

    Glenn Rosen Avatar
    Glenn Rosen

    This is a very professional and friendly location to receive eye care. The staff treats you well and is mindful of your time and explains all the processes as you were going along if you have any questions.
    I would recommend this location for anyone within the area that needs eye care.

    Tammy Austin Avatar
    Tammy Austin

    Everyone has been amazing through this whole scary covid side effect. I thank each and everyone of you for making it so much better. I will be recommend you guys to everyone!!!! Again from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

  • Samantha Sisson Avatar
    Samantha Sisson

    Chase was so knowledgeable kind and willing to answer all my questions. Dr. Woolf was very sincere, answered all my questions, made the visit quick and easy. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you!

    Becky Gentilini Avatar
    Becky Gentilini

    The staff are so friendly and helpful! The exam was thorough and very helpful. Overall I'm VERY satisfied and happy!

    Carie Whipple Avatar
    Carie Whipple

    I have been bringing my kids here for the last 10 years. Dr Sexton is professional, friendly and thorough with making sure that they get the right prescription. I wouldn’t trust any other eye care place.

  • Pam Tinker Avatar
    Pam Tinker

    Everyone greeted me by name, very friendly and professional. I had zero wait time and the provider is amazing. He took the time to explain and help me with my new eye wear perscription. Thank you 😊

    Pam Thorson Avatar
    Pam Thorson

    Everyone greeted me by name, very friendly and professional. I had zero wait time and the provider is amazing. He took the time to explain and help me with my new eye wear perscription. Thank you 😊

    Jessica Adams Avatar
    Jessica Adams

    The team was very helpful in explaining my insurance allowances. Dr. Kim is so energetic and knowledgeable; I enjoyed my visit with her.

  • Sam Weber Avatar
    Sam Weber

    Wonderful experience. The staff at the desk was pleasant. Dr. Darnell was very professional and explained everything well. I loved the newer technology. Not having to be dilated is great. Top-notch equipment, doctor and staff will keep me coming back.

    Scott Woodward Avatar
    Scott Woodward

    Courtney and Alycia were super welcoming and efficient with the check in and pre work needed along with the testing. The new technology is really cool and Dr Debbie was outstanding explaining my eye health needs and prescription.

    Phyllis Byrne Avatar
    Phyllis Byrne

    A very friendly and professional visit. I definitely will be back. With the latest in technology my eye exam was fast and very informative. Employees were the best, so helpful and friendly they made my day.

  • Sandra L Satre Avatar
    Sandra L Satre

    My exam was very thorough and my optometrist checked and rechecked once each eye showed evidence of a cataract and we talked about the surgery and where in Spokane I can have it done…..she assured me that with my situation I can wait a while before having the surgery…..she was as I said very thorough and knowledgeable and I thank her so much

    Chelsea Cohen Avatar
    Chelsea Cohen

    The front desk staff were friendly and super nice! The doc got me set up with eagle eyes. I love your practice and will continue coming back.

    Donna Watson Avatar
    Donna Watson

    Front desk, great. Eye doc, personable and eyeglasses area is always a pleasure. We come back here every year because they treat us well and don't try and rob us blind.

  • Ellen Hamm Avatar
    Ellen Hamm

    Dr. Kim was so thorough with my eye exam and explained everything. Kerry was a great help with my glasses and vision benefits and I was out the door in less than an hour with an eye exam and glasses fitting. My glasses were ready for pick up quicker than expected and I love them.

    Esther Ndungu Avatar
    Esther Ndungu

    I was lucky to show up on a day when they had a walk-in opening. The staff were very professional, scheduled me an appointment and got my overdue eye exam. The location is also very convenient, my family waited for me while shopping at the mall and the exam was quick and efficient. I will definitely schedule my future exams at this location!

    Donna M Chebahtah Avatar
    Donna M Chebahtah

    Everyone was extremely kind and helpful.

    The Doctor was very through , and explained in a way i could clearly understand.
    The Sexton Vision Group is highly recommended.

  • Camai Catlin Avatar
    Camai Catlin

    Quick check-in. All paperwork provided and printed clearly. JD explained all the assessments and worked with my children so the results were properly obtained. We were all seen together by Dr. Kim (I'm guessing COVID-19 protocol), and it worked nicely. The offices were clean, the diagnosis and prescription were easy to fill in the adjoining room.. Pearle Vision. The customer service was great there too. Happy they accept our insurance. I look forward to working with them in the future.

    Richard Whipps Avatar
    Richard Whipps

    Dr. Michelle Darnell is the best! Very thorough, very competent, great chair-side manner! I highly recommend the Sexton Vision Group.
    All of the doctors at Sexton Vision Group are excellent! Dr. Randy Woolf did my annual eye exam in December, 2021, and I was very pleased with his professional service, thorough exam, and explanation of minor changes in my vision. I continue to highly recommend the Sexton Vision Group.

    Rob Ervin Avatar
    Rob Ervin

    Everyone I had contact with were so friendly. Everything went like clockwork. Your Techs knew exactly what they were doing and explained everything perfectly. The doctor was friendly and efficient. I appreciated their professionalism so much, such an incredible crew.
    Thank You Once Again!

  • Amber Anten Avatar
    Amber Anten

    Everyone was very friendly and not pushy at ALL. We were there for an exam (the doctor was awesome with my boys!) and it went quickly and easily. When we said we weren't getting frames there (too expensive and our insurance is not accepted there) they weren't upset at all. In fact, they even suggested other places to purchase frames that may accept our insurance or that weren't as expensive! LOVE that!

    DeAnna Morrow Avatar
    DeAnna Morrow

    Dr. Kim was absolutely amazing. First time seeing her and she was friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive of my thoughts and ideas of what I wanted to try when it came to contact lenses. She made sure I understood the type of lenses I was trying and best lighting when wearing them. Looking forward to many future exams with her.

    Dave Stime Avatar
    Dave Stime

    Arrived 10 minutes early and was taken in for my exam, the young lady helping was nice and professional.
    Didn't take long as the eye Dr was right along in no time. Caring and helpful, great experience


    It was a amazing experience! We were greeted then never once felt like they were trying get to another customer. They were helping with all our needs! I only wished they would explained a bit more each areas what issues was covering and how much but with there services and personality I still giving them 5 stars felt like we were appreciated and not just another number!

    Dawn Avatar

    Dr. Kim is a vibrant, knowledgeable addition to the team. She actually makes an eye exam fun! Brian is skillful at the helm of the appointment desk and the intake assistant (sorry that I didn't remember your name) does a wonderful job of transferring the information that you give to her to the doctor.

    robin johnston Avatar
    robin johnston

    They were very helpful and friendly. The staff is awesome i think the gal who helped me was named alycia? just a great place to go!



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